The PSI-36 range of 36kV AIS Panels with ABB Make Vacuum Circuit Breakers are suitable for distribuon & Industrial networks up to 36kV, Short Circuit Breaking Current up to 31.5 kA and rated current up to 1600A for both Indoor & Outdoor applicaon. The panels are designed to meet all types switching applicaons and various configuraon as per requirement can be provided.

The Panels are designed with

All In- Built safety features and Interlocks with virtually maintenance free operaon Cassette/Floor Mounted Breakers can be supplied as per requirements Internal Arc Features on all HV compartment

Technical Details

Description Unit Rating
Rated Voltage kV 36
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Rated Power Frequency withstand voltage for 1 min kVrms 70
1.2/50ยต sec impulse withstand Voltage kVp 170
Rated Current A 630-1600
Rated Bus Bar Current A 630-2000
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current kA 31.5
Rated Short Circuit Making Current kA 80kA
Rated Short Time Withstand Current for 3 Second kA 31.5
Rated Internal Arc Current IAC-AFLR kA 26.3
Sl.No. Type Test Conducted as per IEC 62271-100/62271-200
1. Dry Power Frequency withstand Test
2. Lighng Impulse Voltage withstand Test
3. Temperature Rise Test
4. Degree of Protecon - IP5X Test
5. Short Time Withstand & Peak Withstand Current Test on Main Circuit & Earthing Circuit