The PSI-36 range of Porcelain Clad Outdoor Vacuum Breaker are designed for distribuon networks up to 36kV, Short Circuit Breaking Current up to 26.3kA and rated current up to 1600A. The Breakers are designed to meet all types switching applicaons

(Governing Applicable Standard: IEC-62271-100 /IS-13118)
Rated Voltage kV 36
Frequency Hz 50
Short-duraon power- frequency withstand voltage kVrms 70
Lightning impulse withstand Voltage kVp 170
Short-circuit breaking current kA 26.3
Short-me withstand current, 3 s kA 26.3
Short Circuit Making Current kAp 65.75
Peak withstand current kAp 65.75
Normal current of Outdoor Breaker A 630 to 1600
Operang Sequence kA 0-0.3s-CO-3 min-CO
Degree of Protecon kA IP-55
E2-M2-C2 Operaon kA Complied