12kV AIS-VCB Panels with ABB Make Vacuum Circuit Breakers are suitable for Industrial applications up to 12kV, Short Circuit Breaking Current up to 40kA and rated currents up to 2500A.

Technical Details

Description Unit Rating
Rated Voltage kV 3.6-12
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Rated Power Frequency withstand voltage for 1 min kVrms 28/35
1.2/50µ sec impulse withstand Voltage kVp 75/95
Rated Current A 630-2500
Rated Bus Bar Current A 630-2500
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current kA 26.3 & 40
Rated Short Circuit Making Current kA 65.75 & 100
Rated Short Time Withstand Current for 3 Second kA 26.3 & 40
Rated Internal Arc Current IAC-AFLR for 1 Second kA 26.3
Rated Internal Arc Current IAC-AFLR for 0.1 Second kA 26.3 & 40