Testing & Quality policy

Pascal Switchcare is committed to QAP (Quality Assurance plan). Pascal has been certified by QA International as an ISO 9001:2008 Company.
We have in-house facilities to conduct all routine testsonVCBpanels&C&R panelsasper IEC/IS.

List of Testing Equipments for carrying out Routine Test as per latest IEC/IS standards

1. High Voltage Test Kit

2. Test on Auxiliary & Control Circuits

a. AC/ DC Control Supply Test Set
Input: 415V, 3PH, 4W, 50 Hz AC
Output:i) 0-250 V DC (15 A) ii) 0-415V 3PH AC iii) 415V 3PH Fixed AC iv) Fixed DC Voltage (24, 48, 110 & 220 VDC)
b. Primary & Secondary Current Injection Set
Input : 415V, 3PH, 4W,50 Hz AC
Output : Primary Current Injection Range (0-500A, 0-1000 A,0 - 2000 A)
Secondary Current Injection Range (2,5,10,25,50,100&200A AC)
Timer Range ( 0-9.999 Sec & 0 -99.99 Sec)
Voltage ( 0- 250 V DC & 0- 250 V 2Phase AC )
Phase Angle Variation in Current Circuit ( 0 - 360º)

3. Dielectric Test on Main Circuit

a. 100kV, 100mA High Voltage Test Set
b. 0-10000 M Ohms 5000V DC Manual Insulation Tester
c. 0-10000 M Ohms 5000V DC Motorized Insulation Tester

4. Testing on Vacuum Circuit Breaker

a. Automatic Endurance Tester
b. Circuit Breaker Analyze

5. Heat Run Test Set up to 2500A

6. Relay Test Set

a. Omicron Test Set

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