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12kV AIS Panels with Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The PSI range of 12kV Air Insulated Switchgear Panels with Pascal Make vacuum circuit breakers are suitable for secondary distribution networks up to 12kV, Short Circuit Breaking Current up to 26.3kA and rated currents up to 1250A for both indoor and outdoor Kiosk Execution. It is designed to deliver a long service life with highest level of reliability and safety and virtually maintenance-free operation, compared to the best in the industry at a low cost.

Main Characteristics

• All other critical components from vendors of repute only
• Fully type tested at CRPI / ERDA / Government Laboratories
• Designed for M2, E2, and C2 category.
• The design has in built safety features and Interlocks with Special Door Interlocks and is fail safe.
• Internal arc features on all HV Compartment


  • Ratings up to 1250 A / 26.3 KA for 3.3 - 12 KV range
  • Rated service voltage: 3.3-12KV
  • Rated current: 1250 A
  • Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current: 26.3KA
  • Rated Short Time withstand Current: 26.3KA – 3 sec
  • Rated Bus Bar current: 2000A
  • Rated Internal arc current: 26.3KA
  • Rated frequency: 50 Hz
  • Rated power frequency withstand voltage: 28kV for 1 min
  • 1.2/50 µ sec impulse withstand voltage: 75kVp & 90kVp
  • Applied standard:
      IS 13118 and IEC 62271-100 for Circuit Breaker
      IS 3427 and IEC62271-200/IEC 694 for Indoor Panel


  Operation manual
  Guaranteed Technical Particulars
  GA - Unit Panel
  GA - 3 Panel Board
  List of Type Test Reports

Switching Applications

The circuit breaker is designed to meet all types of switching applications relevant to public distribution network and medium industries. These include;

• Standard duty O-0.3s-CO-3m-CO under normal and fault conditions
• Auto reclosing duty O-0.3s-CO-15s-CO-3m-CO
• Low Inductive Current Switching
• Single Bank Capacitor Switching
• Motor Switching
• High DC component (>48%) short circuit switching

Outdoor Kioskvacuum circuit breakerPanel

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Truck

The Circuit Breaker is mounted on a truck and is of horizontal isolation and horizontal draw out type. Cassette type design can also be provided as an option.

The basic design is simple and sturdy and the truck is of lowest volume and weight when compared to other circuit breakers of equivalent rating.

Movement of truck is on special non-metallic nylon wheels and special guides are provided inside the panel making insertion and removal smooth and easy.

The cubicle is designed to withstand internal arc faults in any of its three high voltage compartments that is,

1) breaker Compartment
2) Bus bar compartment
3) Cable & CT (C&CT) compartment

Breaker Compartment

The circuit breaker compartment encloses the draw out circuit breaker truck. Special guides are provided to rack in and rack out the circuit breaker truck with easily.

The compartment has a distinct test position and service position and it is not possible to operate the circuit breaker in any intermediate position. The breaker is inserted from test position to service position through an operating handle with the door closed, providing additional operator safety.

Bus bar Compartment

A spacious bus bar compartment is provided on top of the cubicle. This houses rectangular electrolytic copper or aluminum bus bars. Cross section depends upon the current rating. However, adequate space is available to carry bus bar current of 2000 A.

For maintenance, the bus bar compartment is accessible by opening the cover only with special keys. This prevents accidental and unauthorized access to the bus bars.


The C&CT compartment is located on rear bottom of the cubicle. It accommodates current transformers and cables. Standard design is for cable entry from below. Special designs are available for bus duct entry or cable entry from top.Specially designed split gland plate design is provided on the floor of the compartment which makes it very easy for removal / sturdy fitting of power cables and resists undue swing due to forces encountered during short circuit.The C&CT compartment is equipped with bolted cover on the rear of the panel. Opening the cover through special keys provides easy access to the CTs.

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