1. Numerical Relays – retrofit, selection, setting and commissioning

From deciding which retrofit solutions best fit your commercial needs to providing on-site installation, Pascal Switchcare experienced in-house team can ensure customers get the best out of their existing asset base.

We can provide specialist site surveys to help you decide on the most appropriate retrofitting solutions and retrofitting,setting and commissioning of relays of existing panel on-site.

Whatever your needs our team can help you find the most efficient and effective solution for your network.

2. Circuit Breaker up to 12kV - retrofit and repair

The basic design of PSI type 12kV Vacuum Curcuit Breaker is simple and sturdy and the truck is of lowest volume and weight when compared to other circuit breakers of equivalent rating. Hence it can be easily used as retrofit solution. We have an expert team which can provide you the adaptor panels to match the existing Bus bars or provide a retrofit solution with the least possible shut down.

3. Erection & Commissioning of substations up to 33k

We execute projects for Erection & Commissioning of Distribution Sub-stations up to 33kV.

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